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Monday, November 21, 2005

When The Sun Goes Down ...

This weeks episode was amazing from start to finish. Every scene was unbelievable. I couldn't even keep up with it! Apparently I'm not the only one who feels this way. Sir Elton John has announced that he desperately wants to be in an episode with these fabulous women. The summary is written below, let me know what all of you thought about the different scenes and characters. Also, on the right hand side there is a character poll. I just added it a few weeks ago and I'm curious to fnd out who the most popular character is-- PLEASE VOTE!

This episode opens with a neighborhood meeting because during last weeks episode Gabrielle had an intruder in her house. There was back and forth fighting between the neighbors. The Applewhites are very tense since their close friend Caleb is the man everyone is looking for. Mrs. Applewhite all of a sudden starts playing the piano to break up the chaos- so sneaky.

Mike is still being very nasty towards Susan. I don't see a future between them. More importantly, Susans mom had told her that her estranged father was a marine merchant- meaning he fought in Vietnam. Susan confronts her mother about this while she is in the wedding rehearsal (her mom is getting remarried for the 4th time). Susans mom freaks out and makes her fiance speak to Susan. He sits with her in the car and explains that everyone makes mistakes and Susan is the outcome of her mothers one-night-stand in a field behind a Korean noodle stand!! I thought Susan was one of the normal ones! That's so strange and embarrassing. The next day at her mothers wedding, Susans mom makes a toast but instead it is a really messed up apology. We find out Susan's mom had sex with her boss at the time Addison Prudy who was married. Once Addison knew she was pregnant, he broke it off with her. Addison happens to work IN THEIR OWN TOWN. Susan leaves with her daughter.
She doesn't appear to be upset about losing her baby. However, it's clear she is in denial. Last episode she was crying in a hospital bed when she realized she actually was ready to be a mother and now she is shopping like crazy trying to forget her loss. When she visits Carlos in jail, he is very disturbed that she returned her childs clothes to buy more for herself. Carlos sends an ex-con to sit on Gabrielles porch at home and make sure she is okay. Everyday the ex-con yells at her for shopping. Finally she decides to write him a check for $1,000 and he tells her she needs to go with him to a local bank to set up an account. They both leave in his car. It turns out the car has no window handle, no car door handle and as he locks the door he says, "Carlos didn't send me to protect you." I don't know about the rest of you but I was definitely freaking out!!! I thought he was going to kill her. He takes her to a playground and we as viewers think he's going to kill her and bury her because there is a shovel in his trunk. He takes out a red balloon with a long white string and tells her to pray. If she can just tell herself the truth about her pain, she will be able to let go of her feelings after she confronts them. Gab finally cries and admits that she would be a good mom.
Lynette and Tom:
They try to teach their 3 boys to not talk to strangers. Tom thinks he knows how to teach their children, but Lynette knows better. She pays a young man at work, Stew, to drive in a car and bribe her children to get in the car. Lynette and Tom watch from their window as all 3 of their boys take the bribe and get in the car. LYNETTE WAS RIGHT yet again. All of a sudden, the old neighbor across the street shocks Stew over and over until he can't move.
Bree and George:
Bree saw a picture of herself and George in the newspaper with their engagement annoucned. When she confronts George, he forces her to put her ring back on and be proud of their engagement. An ex-girlfriend of Georges, Leida Mitza, stops by Brees to inform Bree of Georges quarks. He apparently got jealous of Leida and another man and set the mans car on fire. Bree tries to deny all accusations and kicks Leida out of her house. When Bree confronts George about this inncident he lies and tells Bree that Leida was a psychopath and had to take pills for her abnormal moodswings. Finally, when Bree and George are at dinner, he recognized she is not wearing her ring. She claims the diamond is loose and wont put it on. Brees x-boyfriend from college, Tie Grant, comes by to say hi to Bree. She decides to dance with him to get away from George. As they are dancing George tries to cut in but Bree wont let him, so George punches Tie in the face. Bree calls off their engagement. George leaves with Ties coat and car keys and set his car on fire. GEORGE IS A PSYCHO!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What happens Next??

Hey Bloggers,
I was watching entertainment today and heard some really juicy gossip about what may happen in the future on Desperate Housewives. First, a neurosurgeon is being brought on the show as a new character. I didn't think much of it, but some DH followers have hypothesized about the new character. Perhaps someone on the show will get a brain tumor and the neurosurgeon will be that characters doctor. Do you think this may happen? If you don't, why do you think they would add a neurosurgeon to the show? Second, one of the DH characters is going to overdose on drugs. We are not sure who it is. Who do you think it can be? I think it would be very ironic if George, a pharmacist who poisoned Brees husband, overdoses. It would definitely teach him his lesson. Do any of you think George will overdose? If not, who? Was the overdose intentional? Again, I don't usually blog 2 days in a row but I heard gossip on E! and really wanted to know what all of you thought. Let me know!
Also, Eva Longoria is supposed to be on Saturday Night Live on November 19th. Her skit is going to include past rumors about their photo shoot on Vanity Fair. Apparently, these ladies had disagreements during their live photo shoot. Teri hatcher ran out of the shoot crying because Marcia Cross was yelling at everyone because of her position and stance in the photo. Marica felt left out and Teri was upset. Read more in this article. Eva decided to give the skit an extra little touch. She chose to play Teri Hatcher in the skit. Also, Eva did a rapping scene and sang to the crowd. This is nothing new for Eva. She has been doing this for a long time.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Everything comes together!

Episode Summary:
This episode was soo great!! Everything that could have happened, DID happen! To start off, Mike and Susan are no longer friends. Mike has been so cold towards her and he even returned her Valentines Day card- That's Harsh! On the other hand, Susan's x-husband, Karl, came back to her after getting in a fight with his newest girlfriend, Eddie. Susan and Karl have a few glasses of wine and mututally decide to sleep together to relieve their dating tension. The next morning their daughter Julie walks in! Whoops!! Julie gets really upset because she has bonded with Eddie recently and feels like her own parents betrayed her friend. The next day Eddie stops by to thanks Susan and to inform her that Karl came back to her. That Eddie ALWAYS brags.
Next, Lynette and Tom Scavo are tired with their two twin boys because they probably have A.D.D. and their kids are too rough for any other kids on the block. Finally the Scavos find a couple that has similar children and they start up a playdate routine...UNTIL the Scavos see all 4 boys watching a porn video MADE BY the parents (The Harpers). Let's just say their children dont play together anymore!
George brings Bree into an empty house to meet his mother and the real estate agent... then he proposes! Bree is so uncomfortable but winds up saying yes because she was nervous. Later on when speaking to her therapist she convinces herself that George is what she needs in her life right now- UNBELIEVABLE! Do you think they will actually get married??
Caleb Applewhite finally escapes from the basement. No one knows where he is during the episode until the end. Gabrielle is preoccupied with the size of her waist. She can't get over the fact that she isn't a double zero anymore -- WHO IS???? She is worried that her past friends wont respect her anymore because she has become a suburban housewive and isn't "hot" anymore. Towards the end of the episode, she realizes there is a part of her that wants to become a mother. Just as this becomes apparent to her, she hears a noise in the house( which happens to be Caleb) and ends up falling down the staircase. She is rushed by the ambulance to the hospital. Will her baby survive? Isn't it ironic that when she finally admits to wanting a baby there is a chance her baby can be hurt?

Oprah Show:
James Denten was on the Oprah show Thursday, November 10th. He had been on a few months ago to promote Desperate Housewives. Oprah had asked him what his dream was if he could do anything in the world. James said he wanted to practice baseball with the Boston Red Sox because he is a HUGE fan. Well, does Oprah ever let anyone down? Absolutely not! This past Thursday James Denten came for his second appearance on Oprah and she suprised him with the opportunity to go to batting practice with the Boston Red Sox! That's awesome. In addition, Oprah gave James a signed baseball with all of the players names and told James that he will be throwing the first pitch of the next game played by the Red Sox. James' dream definitely came true! To see pictures from that show or to see more appearances of the Desperate Housewives characters on Oprah, you can go to the Oprah website. During another Oprah show, Oprah was on the Desperate Housewives set. She was so impressed with Wisteria Lane, commenting on the gorgeous houses. Somehow I think Oprahs mansions are probably more impressive.

Response to last weeks blog:
There were only a few postings this week, but you mentioned that George may be asking for Brees hand in marriage. Well, YOU WERE RIGHT!! Good prediction.

Susan and Mike break up

Response to last weeks blog:
Thank you to all of my bloggers. You all recapped last weeks episode because the Eagles football game was on and I missed it. One of you said the show was on Saturday night at 8PM and another said the show was on at 7PM before the game Sunday. I wish I knew that before! I'll fill all of you in but for more details you can read the summary written by ABC.

November 6th Desperate Housewives Episode:
George and Bree get comfortable with each other and are ready to have sex, but then Bree breaks out in hives. How embarrassing!! The big deal last week was the break up between Susan and Mike. Mike found out from Paul (Zack's father-kind of) that Susan PAID ZACK TO LEAVE TOWN! Susan gave Zack money so he could take a bus trip to Ohio. Of course Paul was mad about this and threatened Susan. Mike broke up with her and from many of your comments, it was quite emotional. Many of us predicted this break-up because it was wrong of Susan to do that. Gabrielle and Carlos' lawyer still is in love with Gabrielle. There is some sort of stick up and the lawyer gets shot and ends up in the hospital. Gabrielle takes care of him. Nina is still being an awfully rude boss towards Lynette. Nina tells Lynette that everyone in the office makes fun of her for her mommy looking business suits. Lynette decides to switch those comments around and dresses up in a hot business suit. Yeah Lynette!

Business Attire for Women:
These days women aren't just wearing a typical black pants suit like men wear. Skirts are acceptable provided they are a certain length, more colorful blouses, sweaters and even lingerie looking tops are okay as long as they are under a jacket. I'm not sure about the ladies reading my blog, but this year as seniors we are supposed to go on many interviews- stressfull, I know! Instead of looking like everyone else in a boring suit, we should spice it up and stand out a little more. Of course I'm not a fashion major so you could disagree with the outfits that I like, but in my opinion, while we are still young, we should aspire to look hot (and respectable) in business suits -- JUST LIKE LYNETTE. One of my favorite places to shop is Ann Taylor. I think the website has much more selection then their store front. If you go to the store front and try on a few things you will know what size you are. They usually run big.

Next weeks episode!

I saw a sneak peak of next weeks episode when I was watching NBC's EXTRA tonight. Sunday, November 13ths episode looks pretty juicy! Caleb, the basement prisoner breaks free from the house. Gabrielle, who has the most perfect body EVER, is complaining about her tummy starting to show her pregnancy. Last, Bree has the honor of meeting George's mom. Wonder how that will go!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Again, there is no episode summary this week because a FOOTBALL GAME IS ON! I really hope next week is a new episode!

For those of you who hate George, which is probably all of the viewers, you should know that he is not the character on DH. He's a real person and he's nice! Apparently people scream at him when he is seen is public because they don't realize he isn't the awful character he plays on Desperate Housewives. He's actually a pretty likeable guy!

Eating habits of each DH character:

Each character deals with different day to day stress which leads to different eating and exercise habits. To paraphrase the article, Susan is a "sensitive" eater. This means she lets events in her life get the best of her and she eats when she is emotional, either happy or sad. Of course it doesn't look like she eats too much! "Over achiever Lynette's" character has to succeed in every way. Usually, people like this put themselves last and focus their attention on other things in their life. Lynette doesn't take care of her health. "People pleasing Bree" controls everything in her life because she is a complete perfectionist. It was stated that 90% eating should be controlled and calculated, but 10% of eating should be more flexible. Last, Gabrielle is a "pampered princess." Her social events and calendar tells her when she needs to over exercise and skip meals. Of course this is unhealthy too. This whole article is about all of the types of unhealthy eaters out there. If you need help getting back in shape go to Weight Watchers for more information.

Response to last weeks blog:

Many of you seem to be interested in Caleb played by Luis Martinez. I am too! Stephanie said she originally thought that Mrs. Applewhite was punishing Caleb because he either beat her up once or cheated on her. That is EXACTLY what I thought in the beginning of this season because Mrs. Applewhite said something along the lines of "men should be punished for the amount of pain they cause women." However, it doesn't seem like that is the truth anymore. Also, one of you asked how are Caleb and Mrs. Applewhite related? I think they are married. It never even crossed my mind that she could just be a psycho and witnessed the murder and then "adult"knapped him. We'll find out before the end of the season. Last, Stacey read an article that said Luis Martinez went to University of Delaware graduate Shakespeare program!! How exciting is that? I don't know too many actors that went to school here. If anyone hears of any other famous people who have, let us all know. That's exciting!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Catch up on The DH Diva Gossip!

This week was a repeat from the season premiere. I want to take the time to catch up on some of the fabulous gossip that I haven't had time to write about earlier this semester.

First, everyone is curious who the man locked up in the basement is! Well, I found him! His name is Luis Martinez. In the article, " Desperate Housewives" IDs basement guy we learn a little more about Luis's character, Caleb. The show is making it seem like Caleb is responsible for killing a teenage girl from Chicago four months ago. We aren't positive if that's true ,but the Applewhite's are leading us to believe that. Mrs. Applewhite wrote a letter to the police force telling them they found the wrong man. Do you all think this is true, that Caleb is the killer? Or are they setting us up for another turn in the script? Also, we learn that Mrs. Applewhite has been locking Caleb in the basement to "protect" him. It seems as if he may be mentally instable and that is the reason she is hiding him away from the police. It just doesn't make any sense why she would write that letter to the police. Of course the police is going to follow up on the story until they find Caleb in the basement.

Nicollette has recently split from her former fiance.
She and Niklas had been together for 18 months, but have been having problems because of her acting career. She has finally admitted to wanting to put her career before her love life. I think this is a smart move for her. Nicollette has a history of being tough with men. I was watching a television show about her on entertainment last week and they said she broke up with her last boyfriend in a note! The note said something like, "You are boring, I don't have fun with you anymore, we're over." How outrageous is that!?

Response to last weeks blog:
Last week many of you bloggers agreed with me that this season is not as good as last. On the contrary, according to Joel Ryan who wrote an article called Slumping Housewives, we may be wrong about our assumption. "Sundays episode was the least-watched episode of the season, least-watched being a relative term considering 25.2 million people tuned in, and the show ranked number one among coveted 18-49 year-old viewers according to Nielsons Media Research."

Monday, October 24, 2005

Which season is better? First of Second?

Hey everyone,

I feel like each episode is getting progressively worse this season. That's awful for me to say because this is my site, but I'm not the only one who feels this way. The producer and writer of Desperate Housewives were quoted in the
New York Times admitting "this season is not the best. We are experimenting with characters and ideas and it has been 'rocky.'" Did any of you notice their promotion for the part of last nights episode that played this morning on Good Morning America? I think that was a good marketing stategy, although I definitely did not wake up early this morning to see it. If anyone saw, let me know what it was about! It looked juicy!

This Weeks Episode:

Susan's longtime book agent and dear friend Lonny Moon, gets into financial trouble. He asks her to join his new business and she accepts his offer until he admitted that he stole from her account in the past. He then kisses her and tells her that he felt chemistry between them the whole time. Obviously, if you saw the episode last night and saw this man, you would know that Susan darted out of there on a drop of a dime!

  • Lynette is forced by her boss, Nina, to go out to bars night after night. She finally bursts and decides to have a little fun to ruin Ninas night. Nina is very manipulative and we see more of that in this episode. Nina makes Lynette feel bad for wanting to go home and spend time with her family. Finally, Lynette realizes that if she is competition to Nina, then Nina wont ask Lynette to go to the bars again. As you can see to the left, Lynette is having some fun!
  • Gabrielle and Carlos decide to keep their original lawyer, whom is infatuated with Gaby, and Carlos knows it. Is it me, or has NOTHING happened this season with Gabrielle. I know her husband in in jail so it's probably hard to come up with new ideas relating to their marriage, but she is the hottest woman on the show. Any male viewer only watches this show to see her and she has had the most boring parts so far. I hope they come up with something new for next weeks episode!

    Bree finds out from her husbands investigator that her husband wrote a note saying, " I know what you did, and I forgive you." Bree flips out because the husband that she has been married to for so long thought she actually did murder him. Bree then reburies her husband in a different area of the cemetery because she wants him to "rot alone."

    Response to last weeks blog:
  • Many of you agree with me about how annoying the pharmasist is- Thank god! George is so annoying.

    second season review by NY Times

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sex in the suburbs!


Last week I did not post the summary of the episode. If you would like an update on October 9ths episode,
check this out!

How amazing do these ladies to the left look? Many articles about these women have pertained to their drastic weight losses. Are they too thin? My personal opinion is yes. Yes, they look amazing, but I think if any one of us saw them in person, we would be shocked by their pertruding bones!! Someone needs to tell them it's okay to gain 10 pounds and look like a normal healthy woman in her 40's.
This weeks episode highlights:
  • George is a MAJOR flake- I think we knew that already. He needs to get caught for killing Bree's husband! It was great when Andrew (Brees son) questions George about his sexual experiences. It made George go nuts and run out on the "special dinner."
  • Gabrielle put her divorce lawyer in danger at the jail house and he still "hit on her" in his office. Suprisingly, Gabrielle declined the offer.
  • Susan found Zach in the park and tried to talk to him. When Zach ran away, he grabbed ply wood to try and hit Susan. He still has serious problems! Despite his problems, it's very brave of Susan to confront Zazh. I think she nearly freaked out when Zach started speaking about his crush on her daughter and that is definitely why she tried to convince Zach to find his "real father." When her boyfriend finds out, he will NEVER forgive her!
  • Lynette is facing issues again with her family. Her son made up an imaginary friend-- luckily thats over since the "friend" got run over. Maybe Lynette will start feeling better about herself.
  • Andrew was sent to a institution because he beat up George. It was a planned event.
Responses to last weeks Blog:
Eva Longoria is being considered for a Bond movie! That is HUGE news! I agree that she may want to put off taking a role like that because it may get in the way of her character on Desperate Housewives. Also, sometimes when actors/actresses take on too much, the public gets sick of them. It's better to balance yourself so that you have longevity in the acting career.
Many have been comparing Desperate Housewives to Sex and the City. There is a lot of sexual tension in this soap opera. What do you think?